Who is GO-FAME?

GO-FAME is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth theatre company, serving children ages 5-18 who live in Long Beach, CA and surrounding communities.

What types of program do you offer?

GO-FAME offers performance opportunities through our large musical productions and our smaller Studio productions. We also offer classes during our winter session and workshops throughout the year

Is there a fee to participate?

The participation fees are $225 for large musicals and $150 for Studio shows plus a volunteer deposit that is only cashed if you do not meet your volunteer commitment. We do offer discounts for families with 3 or more children participating in a show.

Do you offer financial assistance?

GO-FAME believes that every child deserves the chance to participate in the arts. We are proud to offer a variety of financial assistance programs including scholarships, payment plans and work study programs.

What is the volunteer commitment?

The volunteer commitment varies by show but usually consists of 2 components: 

Major Musical:​

(1) Preshow (20 hours making costumes, shopping for props, and building sets) OR Show (4 shifts including 1 mandatory training shift working stage crew, dressing room supervisors, and more).

(2) Load-in OR Strike: helping with either set up in the performance space or tear down at the end of the show.

Studio Show:

(1) 15 hours of volunteer time (can be split between Preshow and Show)

(2) Load-in OR Strike

Do I need to have a background check to volunteer?

GO-FAME is committed to the safety and protection of all participants, volunteers, audience members, and staff. We conduct criminal background checks of all volunteers and staff who have direct, supervisory contact with minors participating in our programs. All production staff members are cleared using LiveScan fingerprint-based background checks. Volunteers are cleared through Verified Volunteers.

How do I meet my volunteer commitment?

For Preshow Crew, we provide a schedule of work opportunities usually during rehearsal and on the weekends. There are a variety of times and options available. For Show Crew, we provide a schedule of shifts.

Are they any other requirements such as fundraising or ticket sales?

No. GO-FAME does not require participation in fundraisers or ticket sales. We offer additional opportunities to support our program and ask you to sell tickets to family and friends.

What is the time commitment to participate in a show?

We schedule rehearsals usually Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Saturdays. Performers are scheduled to come to rehearsals when they are needed. Large musicals rehearse for 7-8 weeks and Studio shows 6-8 weeks. Additional rehearsals may be called as needed. Our goal is to have your performer prepared to go on stage while being respectful of your time.

Do I need to have experience to audition?

No. GO-FAME is an educational youth theatre company. We are happy to work with students who have an interest in the performing arts. 

What are the eligibility requirements to perform in a GO-FAME show?

Prospective performers must be 8-18 years old at the time of audition, have parent permission to participate, and be available for rehearsals and performances. 

Do I have to be a performer to be involved with GO-FAME?

No. We offer a limited number of volunteer opportunities for high school students to explore other career options such as directing, stage management, costuming and more. Contact us to start a conversation.

Do I have to audition?

At GO-FAME, every prospective performer must audition. 

Is there a fee to audition?

No. Auditions are free of charge.

If I audition, am I guaranteed a role?

No. GO-FAME casts to the needs of the show. Large musicals have casts of approximately 50 performers. Studio shows have casts of approximately 20 performers. 

What is a callback?

A callback is a second audition to refine casting. A callback just means that we need to see you again. It does not guarantee a role. Conversely, the lack of a callback does not mean you were not cast. It just means we do not need to see you again.

Do you double-cast roles?

For our large musicals, we double-cast selected roles to offer more opportunities. This means that two performers share a role. For example, performer A plays Jane in the Saturday show and performer B plays Jane in the Sunday show.

What is Junior Players?

Junior Players is our performing group for ages 5-8. In our large musical shows, they perform before the curtain of each act. Because it is an introductory experience for our younger performers, no audition is required. The participation fee is $75. Junior Players rehearse for 1 hour on Saturdays for 8 weeks. The group is limited to 25 participants. There is a Volunteer Commitment for this group that includes either Preshow or Show Crew and either Load-in or Strike but the time commitment varies based on the needs of the show.

Do I have to provide my own costume?

No. GO-FAME provides the costumes for the show. Each performer is asked to provide appropriate under-dressing, socks and shoes. 

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact us! You can send email through our contact form or info@GO-FAME.org