GO-FAME is a 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit and accepts donations and support



Meet and Eat - Our monthly chance to meet with all your GO-FAME friends, Eat a delicious meal and have the restaurant give 20% of the sales to GO-FAME Youth Theatre Company!

Gala- Our big event fundraiser. A Themed evening that includes a dinner , dancing, live performances, and some totally ridiculous games.  Not your usual stuffy Gala. Our guests look forward to it all year. Tickets go on sale in January and this event sells out fast!

Donations of Goods

* Costumes, vintage clothing and props that can be used in our productions or sold at our annual Halloween costume sale.

* Unique gift items for our silent auction at our Gala or items to be in our raffle baskets at our shows.

* Office supplies like copy paper, clean 1" binders, Hot glue, and Ink for our printers.

* Gift cards  to buy snacks for the cast or include in our gift baskets.

* Working tools and building supplies. Our storage is limited but send us a note and if we can use it we would love to have it.

Donations of Cash

GO-FAME believes that every child deserves the chance to be involved in the arts. You can be a part of making it happen!  Every contribution makes a difference.

​Would you like to sponsor a child performer ?  

$225  will underwrite one performers  participation fee which includes scripts, music disks, instruction, and costumes.

$200  will cover the volunteer deposit.

$100 will pay for the performers script, music, and instructors fees.

​$50 will cover the cost of the child's costume.

$25 covers the cost of a childs show t-shirt and script

​$10 covers the cost of the child's script 


Make your tax deductible contribution today!

We are looking for motivated people who want to help support the mission of GO-FAME and serve on our Board.

Help GO-FAME make the next step to serve more youth and expand our programs. Find a permanent home.

You can be a part of the growth of GO-FAME as we prepare to enter our second decade.   
Contact Tami DiPoalo Board President thru our Info@GO-FAME.org email address

Hop on Board

      Boy Scout Troop 120 -Building shelves and organizing our storage unit

"The gift of your time is the greatest gift of all."

We love our volunteers! Are you a parent looking to support your child's activities? A community member looking to learn about or return to your theatre roots? How about a theatre professional looking to "give back" to the arts you love?  

GO-FAME Opportunities include:

​* Sewing costumes for shows experienced  and beginners . We are a really a fun group!

* Building and painting sets and props for our shows-no matter what your skill level. These sessions are instructional as well as a great time!

* Marketing for our shows and programs-marketing professionals and students looking to build their resumes. We have worked with CSULB students on class projects!

* Working backstage-a real learning experience or a flashback to your stage crew days!

​* Concessions and ushering-adults and students over 14 eligible plus you get to see the show!

High school students can volunteer for service hours.

Seniors appreciated and encouraged to join us.​